Astronomy: Chinese telescope illustrates that country's science investment - The Columbus Dispatch
While Congress stumbles its way through another budget battle that has the potential to cut drastically NASA's funding, China continues to invest in the pursuit of new knowledge. China recently launched the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope, or HXMT. A
New Hubble find challenges our ideas about galaxies - Astronomy Magazine
Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have managed to catch a glimpse of this unusual object, which appears to be an old, “dead” galaxy that's already stopped making new stars just a few billion years after the Big Bang. Not only is this galaxy 
Would You Go to an Astronomy-Themed Resort? - The Atlantic
Astroport Sariska bills itself as the first astronomy-themed resort in the country, according to its Facebook page. It's located in the country's northwest in Rajasthan and sits a few miles south of the Sariska National Park, a wildlife reserve. There
Astronomy Cast Ep. 454: Things We're Looking Forward To - Universe Today
As we wrap up season 10 of Astronomy Cast, we look forward to all the instruments, missions and science results on the distant horizon. Think astronomy is exciting already? Just you wait. We're taking our summer hiatus during July and August, but we'll
This brown dwarf used to be inside its white dwarf companion. - Astronomy Magazine
When a study showed WD 1202 having a consistent change in brightness, astronomers assumed the white dwarf was a variable star. While studying what caused the change in brightness, astronomers were surprised to find that it's actually caused by a 
Sky's the limit for astronomy festival - Echonetdaily
More than 400 people attended an astronomy festival in Byron Bay on the weekend, despite a stuff-up by a funding body that refused its application, thinking it was a gathering of astrologers. The Star Stuff Festival line-up included household names
Is there another Planet Nine altogether? - Astronomy Magazine
Get ready for the 2017 eclipse · Astronomy Magazine · ScreenShot20170530at12.18.17PM · SUBSCRIBE · RENEW · DIGITAL EDITIONS · GIVE A GIFT. Login or Register |. Customer Service. Tonight's Sky. Waukesha, WI. Search By Name Enter coordinates
Decoding the ancient astronomy of Stonehenge - Vox
The Stonehenge monument in England is known for its alignment with the summer solstice sunrise, and a is popular destination for revelers welcoming the longest day of the year. The inner “horseshoe” of the monument opens toward the point on the horizon 
Bringing astronomy down to earth - Mountain View Voice
For the last 45 years, astronomy professor Andrew Fraknoi has made it his mission to translate groundbreaking astronomical studies and the complex inner workings of the cosmos into everyday language. If a spectacular discovery about new earth-like 
What's the youngest moon you can see? - EarthSky
It has long been a sport for amateur astronomers to spot the youngest moon with the eye alone. In order to see the young moon with your eye, the moon must have moved some distance from the sun on the sky's dome. It always appears as a very slim ...and more »